• Liv Conlon

The Power of PR for Your Personal Brand

PR is often overlooked on the path of entrepreneurship, and it can be a massive game changer for your business.

What I share about PR is going to affect your bottom line, but it’s also going to increase brand awareness and engagement in your business. PR will position you as a thought leader in your space.

On a personal level, PR has been a game changer for me.

PR is not just an online social media strategy, it's about gaining third party authority to prove what you and your business has achieved and is capable of achieving. PR unquestionably enabled me to reach seven figures and has been absolutely instrumental in monetising my expertise.

Why pr is important

PR is what sets me apart from other entrepreneurs or business out there that doesn't have it. Dealing with entrepreneurs every day and working with people, I acknowledge that 95% of businesses and entrepreneurs have absolutely no PR strategy.

If you are looking to differentiate yourself and your market in order to stand out, then I would see this as a strategy that is non-negotiable. You need to have a PR strategy within your business. It also gets you that cool ‘featured in’ bar on your website where you can highlight all of the amazing publications that you've been in.

For me and my business, it was just such a powerful marketing tool to demonstrate that I have been featured in some of the world's largest publications that have put literally millions of eyes on my brand. In one day, I was featured in a magazine with 3 million readers. Consider the sheer power of that when you're looking to grow your brand and brand awareness.

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs miss out on the opportunity, so that's why I'm going to share with you why PR is so important and also how you can become PR ready. This will catapult your business and your brand.

First things first, take a look at why you need PR, and then I will give you some little tips and tricks on how to get featured.

One of the things I often talk about is that you can have the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, then no one's going to buy it. PR is such a powerful way to get eyes on your business and gain clients.

When we talk about PR, we're usually talking about being featured in a publication, and that will bring not only traffic but eyes to your business.

The more eyes we can get on our business, usually results in more traffic to your business, website or social media pages, but it also converts your audience. So, it really should increase your bottom line.

However, it's not always something you see directly happen.

When someone looks for your brand, they may actually find you through an article that was written a month ago, they start to follow your brand, and then they then enter that marketing funnel. Thus, PR also positions you as a thought leader, because you have been given that mark of authority by a third party.

I believe that there's so many successful businesses, coaches and brands out there that don't have any PR or social proof of what they have achieved, and they're still successful. However, having this third-party authority is going to set you apart.

PR is the number one way to differentiate yourself, and to really prove what you have achieved is real. One of the other reasons I love it is that you can put it all over your social, which reinforces your brand authenticity.

becoming pr ready

Becoming PR ready is a longer process. One of the things that you really need to first focus on is getting clear on your brand story. Spending time and money on a PR agent or getting featured is completely pointless unless you have a strategy and an outcome that you're looking to achieve. Get clear on what that story is, as the number one reason why you won't get featured is because you don't have a 'hook'.

You must know who you are if you want to be featured in the newspaper headlines. Now, you're not going to get featured because you have the best product on sale, you're going to get featured because your brand has an interesting story.

Work through what your brand story really is, and my biggest tip for this is to sit down for a couple of hours & dedicate time to it. Write down the brand story from the concept of the product/service and the brand to where you are now. What are the different challenges you've faced? Have you had any real pivotal moments? These are sometimes things that could be picked up by a newspaper.

For example, you may have been put down by someone and been told you'll never make it.

People love an underdog. When I look at my brand story, so much of the PR that I had been featured in was because I was bullied in school, AND I had built a seven figure business by the time I was 19. Most article headlines have that as a hook.

Think about what that hook could be for your business.

Now you've got your story down, you know your hooks, you know your newspaper headline, but wait, how is someone going find out this information about me?

making yourself visible

For me, the biggest tool I used in getting PR was winning awards, which is a totally different blog which I’ll be doing in future. I coupled this along with using the power of social media to actually tell my story.

If you use story telling right, it helps to influence your audience’s trust in you and also catches the eye of someone looking to feature you in PR.

PR focuses on promoting the company rather than its products or services. The way we set up our social profiles and how we tell our story through all of our content, is going to be key to getting those features.

In terms of setting up your profile, everything we want to have on there is a rounded story, so I recommend that you go and check out my Instagram bio or any of my social media profiles, and you'll see there that I'm leading with my brand story.

I don't talk too much about the actual products or the services I offer, because by building that trust with the client, that conversion comes later on.

Think about how you can actually weave different stories in to your content. Instead of posting an image of why you designed this really amazing candle, maybe it was actually sparked by a story or something that happened to you throughout your brand journey.

What was it that inspired the product? What was it that inspired the brand idea? Show your clients behind the scenes content of how hard you work to achieve your success because that’s usually when we build that relationship with people. Remember, people buy why you do it, not what you do.

Think about whether you actually implement that into your social media content strategy right now, or are you always featuring products and services you’re offering. This is how we create those really great relationships with our audience.

Think about WHERE you’re positioning your story on your socials. For example, are you really utilising the Facebook story option? Are you taking advantage of the Instagram bio to show the client exactly what you've achieved on all of your main hooks and points? Are you setting up your LinkedIn profile, to not only show your job expedience for the past 20 years, but to show your business experience and how it's actually relevant to what you're doing today.

There are so many ways that you can become PR ready and it is probably a full day of work that you have to implement before we actually talk about getting those features. The best way for you to see how to implement this into your social profiles is when you see it visually. I've designed a free download for you that takes you through all the different elements and places that you can actually tell your brand story on your different profiles step by step . Here it is.


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